Areas of Expertise:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship and intimacy issues
  • Life transitions (college, marriage, new baby, career, retirement)
  • Difficult life events (trauma, divorce, grief, loss of job)
  • Addictions (alcohol and drugs, shopping, eating)
  • Infertility, as it affects women and their partners
  • Health issues
  • Repairing old wounds


I offer counseling to:
  • Adults
  • Couples
  • Teens and Families
In a safe, empathic setting, I provide tools for change and growth. Everyone comes into my practice with a unique set of strengths as well as obstacles to change. I work with clients to tailor strategies for change that will work for them. Some people are looking for help in a crisis, others seek healing from old wounds or pain in relationships. Together, we set counseling goals that may be short term or involve more extensive change



Phone: (916) 813-8844.